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Smokey Charcoal & Black Pepper Wax Snap Bar

Smokey Charcoal & Black Pepper Wax Snap Bar

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Discover a new strength and energy with this woody oriental fragrance of tantalising depths. Fresh top notes of begamot and cracked black pepper descend into a heart of raw ginger, nutmeg, patchouli and cedar. Layers of resinous amber, balsams and vanilla laced with smoky charcoal.

  • Plastic free packaging (please read important info tab below)
  • Fully CLP compliant.
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • Made with a blend of natural soy and mineral wax

Weight approx. 50g (but often more than this)

How to use

For best results use a tealight wax burner as they achieve higher temperatures than an electric burner.

Place one to two pieces of wax into the well of your wax burner with an unscented tea light underneath.  They can also be used with an electric wax burner.

The melted wax can be left in the wax burner.  Make sure to extinguish the tea light after use.  You may find that the fragrance may be less intense with each subsequent burn.

To remove the wax from the burner, melt it as usual.  Once fully melted carefully use some cotton wool balls to soak up the wax.  Take care not to burn your fingers.  Dispose of the cotton wall balls sensible.  Do NOT pour wax down the sink.

Important Info

I make every effort to package your snap bars so that they will arrive undamaged.  However, because they are plastic free, they have less protection than if they were in plastic clamshell moulds. 

This means that on the odd occasion there could be a small chip or crack due to parcels being mishandled by couriers.

However, wax melts are made to be used and any surface imperfections will quickly be gone when you burn them.  Thus, I believe that the trade off is worth it to reduce the amount of one use plastic being added to landfill.

Please note that I will not exchange wax melts if they do arrive with some slight surface damage.  That just adds to more impact on the environment. 

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