About Me

Thanks so much for coming to find out a little more about me.

My name is Debbie and I’ve been making soap on and off for almost 40 years – yes I’m really pretty old now. 

I started in my early 20s making it just for the family.  But it was only 4 years ago when I decided to turn my passion into a business.

I very quickly opened a shop and diversified into many other bath and body products. 

I loved that shop but the location was wrong, situated at the quiet end of a tiny holiday town.

So a year later I moved to a new shop, spent the winter refitting it and proudly re-opened in Feb 2020.  I'm sure you remember what happened 5 weeks later!

Throughout many lockdowns I struggled to keep the shop going, but after 18 months of fighting the inevitable, I made the sad and difficult decision to close the doors.

I now focus on making beautiful soap in a workshop attached to my home.

Located over two floors, it has its own separate lockable entrance, so I'm able to spend many hours in my 'happy place' and not worry about driving home in the dark.

I am passionate about soap making.  

If you join me on my TikTok lives (@rushmeresoaps), you will see that I can talk about soap making, the chemistry, the artistry and the legislation for hours. 

Those people who regularly join the lives probably know more now than they ever expected to know about soap! 

And Finally ....

If you have read this far and really did want to know a bit more about me:

- I'm a vegan myself so when I say my products are vegan, I understand what I'm talking about

- I listen to true crime podcasts while I make soap

- When the podcasts finish, I sing along to Ed Sheeran and Savage Garden.

- I'm affectionately known to my family and friends as Deborah Worry Bunny Fusspot