I have so many things to tell you 'about me' such as my favourite biscuits are Oreos and I spend much of my time listening to True Crime podcasts while I make your soap.

But to be honest, when I'm on websites, some of the 'about me' pages are a teeny weeny bit boring.  Do you find the same?

So if you are like me, I bet all you really want to know is:

  • ‘How does this affect you?
  • ‘Do I know enough about soap to make it safely?’
  • ‘Do I care about what I do?’

    So let me answer these important questions for you. 

    How does this affect  you?

    I only make in teeny tiny batches and I don’t employ anyone else. 

    So every single bar is made by me, inspected multiple times by me during the curing process and it won’t reach you unless I am 100% happy with it. 

    Quality and exceptional customer service are the foundations that I have built my business around. 

    As a customer, you matter to me as an individual.  You aren’t just another faceless person who places and order, quickly to be forgotten. 

    This is built into every part of the process, from your order being sent out within one working day, to the exceptional packaging (you will know what I mean when you receive your parcel), to the hand written notes and personalised name labels. 

    My aim is that you are delighted with your order, but on the rare occasion that something is amiss, I will always sort it out, going above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied.

    Do I know enough about soap to make it safely?

    Absolutely! I’ve been making soap for 35 years – yes I’m really pretty old now. 

    I started in my early 20s making it just for the family.  It was one of those things I’d do for ages, then stop, then miss it and start up again. 

    4 years ago, I had accumulated so much soap even my friends were refusing to take more off my hands. 

    So that is how the business started.

    Do I care about what I do?

    Oh my goodness YES! I am passionate about soap making.  

    If you join me on my TikTok lives, you will see that I can talk about soap making, the chemistry, the artistry and the legislation for hours.  Even those who join the lives regularly know more than they ever probably wanted to know about soap! 

    I go to sleep thinking about designs and fragrances.  I wake up and my first thought is about soap.  

    This is my passion.  This is my life – literally.   

    And Finally ....

    If you have read this far and really did want to know a bit more about me, I'm Debbie, or otherwise affectionately known as Deborah Worry Bunny Fusspot! 

    I will be turning 60 this year - did you see that one coming?  But with age, I'd like to think comes wisdom and knowledge, oh and a few more wrinkles.

    I live in Ipswich near to my two amazing sons, lovely daughter-in-law and even more gorgeous grandson, with whom I'm completely besotted.