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Fuss Free Packaging

I know you all love the beautiful packaging that your parcels have arrived in.

But in business, sadly nothing is free even if it looks that way, the costs get absorbed elsewhere.

So I'm trying something new, perhaps just temporarily, perhaps permenantly.

I've massively cut the price of my soap, down to the point where I am the least expensive on the market.

But that comes at the cost of switching to very basic, plain packaging.

Your orders will still arrive in 100% plastic free packaging, but with no frills and no free gifts.

This is just an experiment and if you don't like it, I can always go back to how things were before.

Because You Care About Your skin

Made from six food grade oils and butters, these hand crafted soaps will leave even the most sensitive skin feeling soft and hydrated. No more horrible, tight dry skin feeling that comes from using the synthetic detergents in most commercial body washes and liquid soaps.

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What My Customers Say

They smell amazing and your hands smell for so long after using them too. I'm glad I listened to all the people who praised them.

Rowena / Palmers Green

I bought 9 different soaps and they all smell fantastic and leave your skin feeling moisturised.

Clare L. / Colchester

Beautiful scent and lovely creamy lather

Yvonne G. / Huddersfield

Beautiful fresh smelling soap. Looks and feels amazing. Please try you won't be disappointed.

Mary Y / Leicester

This is a beautiful soap, smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed. Lovely design and beautifully packaged! A treat for the eyes and the skin.

Tyree S. / West Calder, Scotland

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