Your Secret to Sustainable Self-Care

You deserve a range of products that not only pamper your skin but also respect your commitment to the environment.

Discover how you can indulge in affordable luxury, enjoy a lavish bath or shower, and stay eco-conscious with our thoughtfully crafted, sustainable skincare products.

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Eco Pledge

As a business owner, I have made a commitment to keep the business impact on our environment as low as possible.

To date, the business has paid for 1300 trees to be planted in projects located in Mozambique, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Peru, Madagascar and Kenya.

Rushmere Soaps has also donated money towards projects which have resulted in 10 tonnes of carbon reduction, the equivalent of 8 long haul flights.

95% of the product packaging is plastic free, I only use plastic where there is currently no suitable alternative.

All of the shipping materials are biodegradable.

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